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A crisp collection of South West images.

The semi realism and textures capture childhood memories: the tang of seaweed and salt as we staggered through deep dune sand, the glare of white sand and dancing surf our reward as we crunched the pristine beach underfoot.

  • Naomi Grant - Beachscape

    Acrylic and Collage 90x120 c. 

    Won the NSW Inaugural  Hawkesbury Art Award of $10,000 for my painting “Beachscape”




  • Lighthouse Walk

    Acrylic and Collage 41 x 51 cm. 

    A walk through the bush to the lighthouse at Cape Naturaliste near Augusta Western Australia.


  • Ocean Inlet

    Acrylic and Collage 40 x 40 cm


  • Dune

    Acrylic and Collage 61 x 46 cm

    Southwest of Western Australia

  • Bush Tucker Sauces Selection 1

    One each of Outback Pride 250 ml: bottle:  Bush BBQ Sauce, Quandong and Chilli Sauce, Pepperberry Sauce, Lemon Myrtle and Chilli Sauce; plus

    One each of The Bushfood Experience 100 gm pack of Almost Instant Bush Tomato Sauce and Almost Instant Bush Mints Sauce.

    All very securely bubble wrapped and packed in an Australia Post Express Bag.


    Bush BBQ Sauce features bush tomato (solanum central) and three native spices .  This sauce has real depth of flavour.  A must have sauce at any BBQ.  GLUTEN FREE.

    Quandong and Chilli Sauce.  Quandong is sometimes called a native peach.   This sauce is savoury and tangy and a perfect match for kangaroo. and beef.  GLUTEN FREE.

    Pepperberry Sauce.  The Tasmanian Pepperberry is hot and aromatic.  On a native currant base to balance the heat, this spicy sauce is delicious with all meats. GLUTEN FREE.

    Lemon Myrtle and Chilli Sauce.  Lemon myrtle leaf produces amazing lemon-lime flavours and aromas.  It wows the tastebuds in this tangy sauce.  Great with fish and chicken and in stir fries.  GLUTEN FREE.

    The Almost Instant Sauces just need the addition of boiling water and heating to thicken before serving.  In a few minutes you have an intensely flavoured, creamy sauce to brighten up any meal or to add to pasta dishes.

    Bush Tomato:  A creamy and rich tomato flavour perfect for Kangaroo, Beef and Sautéed Mushrooms.

    Bush Mints:  Two native bush mints combine to produce a savoury mint flavour with hints of sage and thyme.  The perfect flavour match for Lamb, Pork and Mashed Potato.


    Bush BBQ Sauce:  Tomato, water, onion, vinegar, sugar, Bush Tomato (5%), Lemon Myrtle, Wattleseed, Native Pepperberry, molasses, vegetable gum (415), chilli, garlic, citric acid, spices and salt. 

    Quandong and Chilli Sauce:  Quandong (20%), orange juice, water, plums, vinegar, sugar, onions, garlic, ginger, chilli, Native Pepperberry, salt, citric acid (330), xanthum gum (415). 

    Pepperberry Sauce:  Water, vinegar, sugar, plums, Native Pepperberry (0.5%), Native Currant Juice (10%), grape juice, vegetable gum (415), garlic, chilli, spices and salt. 

    Lemon Myrtle and Chilli Sauce:  Sugar, water, Chilli (20%), garlic, vinegar, Lemon Myrtle (2%), orange juice, apple juice, salt & vegetable gum (415). 

    Almost Instant Bush Tomato Sauce:  Milk Powder (Milk, Soy Lechithin), Bush Tomato (19%), Maize Cornflour, Onion Powder, Saltbush, Salt, Sugar. 

    Almost Instant Bush Mints Sauce:  (Milk Powder (Milk, Soy Lechithin), Maize Cornflour, Rivermint (2.5%), Onion Powder, Sugar, Salt,mSaltbush, Garlic Powder,mSea Parsley, Native Bush Mint (0.5%). 





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